Hello and welcome to Defeating Normal. My name is Paul. I am a middle-class, working guy who has a passion for personal finance. As a left-brained thinker, before finding this passion I had a heavy interest in technology. In fact, I have spent most of my life with a focus on computers and electronics of other sorts. I currently work as a support representative for a large technology company and, needless to say, logical thinking comes natural to me.

As far as finance, I am as normal as they come; married with a family, paying on a mortgage, paying on ridiculous student loans and paying off credit cards. Although I have always had somewhat of a focus on my own personal finance (like many people), over the past year I have discovered that there is so much more to finance than I ever realized before. I have discovered that changes I make today will make a huge impact on not only my future, but the futures of my children and beyond. The things I have discovered already have had a tremendous impact on my life and have the power to also change my family tree.

When I think of a normal, middle-class family in the United States, I think of a family with a mortgage that is probably higher than they ever would have thought. I think of a family who lives paycheck to paycheck. I think of a family who is paying each and every month on credit cards, student loans and car payments. This is the logical thinker in me. In essence, I think of myself. I am far from perfect. I have made mistakes. We live in a society where this type of lifestyle and thinking is normal.

Well, I’m done being normal. I am ready to make changes in my life and in my finances. I am ready to pay off debt, invest in my future and follow my passion. This blog is my journal of my family’s journey. Please know that I am no expert in finance. I am continually researching financial topics, reading financial literature and listening to financial advice in order to better my life. My intention of this blog is to document my experience as well as post information on financial topics that can better my life, and perhaps even yours. I would also love to hear your thoughts, questions and advice. Together, we can work to defeat normal.

I always welcome feedback, questions, comments and concerns. Please feel free to comment below or you can also reach me directly at defeatingnormal@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Michael Zebleckis

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey and where it takes you. The more you know about financial decision that need to be made the better chance we’ll have of making a correct decision. Financial Knowledge is a powerful tool !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ranoutanames

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Paul. You are surrounded by people wishing you all the success in the world, on your terms! I look forward to future posts.


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